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You can install the app on up to 5 of your devices (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux) and configure a key pair per installation. If you want to connect to more than 5 devices, you can use a single account with up to 255 devices. You can also give your VPN service a custom DNS name that will be used during the tunneling process.ProsVery fast and lightweight appMulti-platform app (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux)Supports tunneling on a single computer and importing multiple VPN configurationsBuilt-in support for high-performance VPNs: Chameleon, Perfect Privacy, Mullvad, TorGuardTunSafe is free, open source, and runs on all systemsWork with wireguard.ioAvoids the use of binary VPNsLoaded with useful features such as an instant Kill-Switch, LAN-IP bypass, WG-compatible command-line tool, IPv4 and IPv6 support, free updatesConsRequires an account with a VPN provider that supports the WireGuard protocolMore InformationTunSafe is open-source software licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). You can find the full source code on its GitHub page.A:You can also use OpenVPN.Features (Google Translated to English):Multiple host connections:Configure up to two different servers on your home network and connect to them simultaneously.Configure up to four different servers on your home network and connect to them simultaneously.GUI:Drag and drop config file for each server, easily connect.Connection to servers through proxy:For example, connection to the server through a proxy server that you have configured in the settings.Network menu:Connect to a network, set the server, connect to any client. You can connect to three clients at once.Connect to a network, set the server, connect to any IP address. You can connect to five IP addresses at once.Features of client programs:To simplify the operation, there are many functions for it. The following is an example.The GUI will be dragged to the main window of the program.Change the default log format,Exit from the Tunnel (Un)Browsing sites, ping sites,Secure Internet access,Additional settings, etc..Configuration:Even 08929e5ed8

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