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It is a simple bot, so it can be used in many different games. There is no support for multiplayer or networking. THE AUTHOR: This bot was made by me, Abigail Finson, for another school project (I had to develop a bot with a lot of features and this was my most recent project) I hope I will be able to expand this bot in the future. I only have enough experience to develop this bot, I do not have enough resources to make this a good quality bot. THE BOTS PROGRAMMING: I do not have too much experience in programming so I will do my best to follow the tutorials I have, and I will ask for help from the users to make this bot as good as possible. WHAT IS THIS? The purpose of this project is to create a very easy and easy-to-use bot that you can use and improve in many different games. This bot was made to be used with Xbox Live, XBox Arcade, PSN, Steam, Steam for Linux, Games with friends, and many more. THE BOTS FEATURES: 1. You can make it to do many things. If you send the bot a command like "add" or "change" it will add or change a thing on the game. 2. It has a built-in "hellban" you can use to find people who abuse the bot. 3. You can use it to control the game. You can set how the bot acts, like make it walk with arrows and points or to use your keyboard. 4. You can control it by XBox-controller. 5. It can be disabled or killed by any user. 6. You can use it to get achievements and save points. THE SUPPORT: ( 1. If you want help with this bot, email me: 2. If you want to help me, email me: (THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE BOT, IT IS A SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE BOT) WHAT IS THIS FILE: This file is a version of ShaiyaFarmBotExe. I think this bot has everything you will need to use it. GAME SUPPORT: A lot of games are supported by this bot: 0.0.3 0.





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ShaiyaFarmBotExe ellysy

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