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We can't wait to see you there!Changes in synaptic organization after perforant path stimulation in the hippocampal CA3 region of the rat. We have studied, using the electron microscope, the changes in the synaptic organization of the hippocampal CA3 region evoked by perforant path (PP) stimulation. Twenty-seven of 90 PP afferents (30%) had terminal synapses and these formed part of 12% of all the postsynaptic elements studied. All the synapses in the postsynaptic elements formed on dendritic spines. There was no difference in the synaptic organization in the postsynaptic elements whether synapses were excitatory or inhibitory. The synapses were distributed throughout the dendritic spines, the shafts and the main branches of the dendrites. All the terminal boutons had a different appearance, suggesting that the three types of terminals were in fact separate entities. The density of the synapses in the postsynaptic element was of the order of one per micron 2. This density was high compared to previous estimates, indicating that many more synapses may be present in the CA3 region than were previously assumed. The probability of forming a synapse in the postsynaptic element varied with the size of the spines and this probability was of the order of 1 in 3 spines for the small spines ( FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION MAY 27 2015



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Rapture Rejects [full Version]l

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