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此產品為已裝飾好的成品聖誕樹,送禮或自用佳品,已包括圖內的樹、裝飾及燈, 早鳥可享特惠價錢,首20位客人可獲特別版聖誕掛飾乙個(禮盒裝另加$30)


聖誕樹有30cm / 40cm/ 50cm/ 60cm可選




聖誕樹採用新鮮貴族松枝,全人手釘裝而成,樹是木底座可站立 (不是盆栽),加上不同乾果及裝飾,成品充滿乾果、肉桂及松香味 ,避免陽光直曬,大約可放2-3星期左右,每天/隔天噴水,之後會自然風乾可做乾花擺設,擺放約2-3個月。




Noble Fir聖誕樹完成品

  • *所有鮮花花品可於送花日的5天前網上直接訂購,收到訂單後我們1-2天內會聯絡你確認訂單。如需加急(少於5天的日子內送花),請先與我們聯絡,不要網上下單。

    All fresh gifting orders need to be ordered at least 5 days ahead.  We will contact you within 1-2 days when we get your order for details. For urgent orders, please contact us before placing any order on our website.


    Apart from the appointed colors , the other matching flowers will various due to the fresh flower supply on the day. Our florist will use the best flower to redesign each bouquet.


    All flowers will be pickedup in our Lai Chi Kok Flower Shop. There will be an extra charge for other delivery locations. 

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